Wisconsin Badger, Inc.

 Article I: Mission

The mission of the Wisconsin Badger, Inc. shall be as follows:

1. To prepare and publish an annual record of the University of Wisconsin-Madison student body and campus.

2. To provide a creative environment for leadership, publication, and business development for students.

3. To offer opportunities for experience in journalism, photography, graphic design, print layout, marketing techniques, and group and business management.

Article II: Membership

The staff of the Wisconsin Badger, Inc. will consist wholly of UW-Madison students, under the student organization name of Badger Yearbook.

1. Requirements

1.  Membership to our organization will not be withheld according to the Regent Policy 30-06

2. Membership will be available to any student at the University, with the understanding that the student be able to maintain good academic performance while on staff.

3. There will be no prerequisites to membership.

2.  Joining

1. Membership can be attained by application at any time of the year.

2. Membership may require a brief interview for the purposes of placement and training.

3. To attain full membership, the student must pay a yearly sum of $40 or $20 per Semester

4. Members will receive no monetary compensation for their work with the yearbook.

5. Participation

6. Members shall be required to attend regular meetings, complete work in a timely manner, and function cooperatively with the group.


Article III: Leadership

The Wisconsin Badger, Inc will be led by an executive committee consisting of the following officers:

 1. Publisher, as follows:

1. He(she) will act in the role of co-president.

2. He will be responsible for leading regular meetings of the executive staff and Badger Yearbook staff.

3. He will be responsible for managing the business and financial affairs.

2. Editor-in-Chief, as follows:

1. He(she) will act in the role of co-president.

2. He (she) will be responsible for the organization and production of the yearbook product.

3. He (she) will be responsible for the overseeing, training, assistance, and assignment of the yearbook creative staff.

3. Other executive officers, including a Marketing Director, Business Director, Assistant Editor(s) and Graduate Director.


4. Members will attain leadership offices in the following way:

1. A member will have served for no less than one year with the Badger Yearbook staff.

2. The executive committee must, by general consensus, appoint the member for the designated office.

3. In the event that more than one member vies for a leadership office, an election of the general membership will be held for that office. The candidate will need a simple majority, or half plus one, to secure the office.

4. Current officers will retain their office until the time when they leave the office or end their membership.

5. Officers may be removed by a majority vote of the executive committee, not including the officer in question, which reasonable cause.

6. Other non-executive leadership roles, such as Business Managers or Editors, may be appointed by the executive committee when such need arises, as determined by the executive committee.


Article IV: Location

The registered office of the Wisconsin Badger inc. shall be located at 2108 Vilas Communications Hall, 821 University Avenue, Madison, WI, 53706. There will be one auxiliary office in 2199 Vilas Hall.


Article V: Copyright

To be applied to volunteers or staff members of any department:

1. Any design, artwork, photograph, or negative that is created for the Yearbook is considered Wisconsin Badger Yearbook property and may not be removed from the Wisconsin Badger Yearbook’s premises.

2. Any photographs/negatives using equipment, funds, press pass, or film purchased or obtained by the Wisconsin Badger Yearbook shall be considered the property of Wisconsin Badger Yearbook.

3. Copies of photography/artwork, if requested, may be duplicated for the volunteer or staff member’s personal portfolio.

4. Any pre-created art work or photograph submitted to the Wisconsin Badger Yearbook office by a student will be returned to the address given by the student and is considered the property of the student.

Article VI: Unanimous Agreement

All members of the Wisconsin Badger Yearbook shall act in accordance with University policies and agreements and all city, state, and national laws when serving as a representative of the Wisconsin Badger Yearbook. Wisconsin Badger Yearbook will not be held accountable for staff members who violate these laws. Individuals will be held responsible for their own actions.

Article VII: Amendments

The Board of Directors may adopt, amend, or repeal all or any of the bylaws of The Wisconsin Badger Inc. by a 2/3-majority vote.


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