Current Yearbook

Are you searching for the perfect memento of your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year? Maybe you’re a 5th year senior and looking to commemorate that extra time on this wonderful campus? Or are you a parent, hoping for a way to give your student a memoir of their time at UW? No matter the case, a 2014 Wisconsin Badger Yearbook is a wonderful gift that will last forever.

Buy a Yearbook for $65! 

Please note that if you will be out of the United States in September and you would like your yearbook shipped to you, there is an additional $20 fee to cover international shipping.

If you’d prefer to pay by mail, please print a Badger Yearbook Order Form, include your payment, and send it to:

Wisconsin Badger Yearbook
2108 Vilas Hall
821 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

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